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Site Lap: Changes Comin' On

Friday, November 9, 2012 | 9:45 PM
Only two weeks to go and the ATV Racin' Nation will reunite for a Night of Champions in the magnificent Waterfront Place Hotel in Morgantown, West Virginia. The top ten in each class of America's premier amateur ATV motocross championship will be honor and recognized before their family, friends, sponsors and fans. If you have yet to finalize your plans, don't wait too much longer for the special room rates.

The folks at Waterfront Place Hotel have extended the ATVMX block until November 18, so get your reservation in before then!

Morgantown Events Center
Waterfront Place Hotel
2 Waterfront Place
Morgantown, WV 26501
Act NOW to reserve your room at the Waterfront Place Hotel at the discounted ATVMX rate of only $101 + tax. This offer ends November 18 - so don't wait until it's too late!
To reserve by phone: call (866) 782-9974 and mention the "2012 ATVMX Block".

To reserve online: visit HERE.

As far as the latest news in world of the ATV racing things have remained somewhat quiet. I like to think of it as the quiet before the storm. It shouldn't be too long before news starts rolling in.

2012 AMA Pro ATV Motocross Champion Chad Wienen remains busy this off season. He spent a lot of his time traveling, working with sponsors and of course training. One thing is for certain, Chad is a training machine right now. He has worked long and hard to get where he is and to let it slip away easily will be very hard to do.

Chad recently tweeted he would be heading to Sunset Ridge in Walnut, Illinois this weekend. It appears a good weather forecast may draw out a huge crowd and in the end this one may look like a mini national weekend.

Some questions may have answered themselves over the course of this past week regarding the #88 Joel Hetrick a.k.a. "Kid-Dynamite". On Tuesday he posted on Facebook that he had a brand new Can-Am for sale. Then just this afternoon he posted, "Should I leave full fenders on my Honda or trim them?" I am not saying anything but if he is ready to talk, look for Joel Hetrick on Quad Radio next week, maybe even sooner.

I did get to ask Joel what was up and he said he couldn't say a whole lot right now but that he is riding a Honda for sure next year. As far as his now former team mate John Natalie, I have not been able to reach him today but hopefully will have some answers next week.

I recently spoke with Travis Moore who didn't get to make it to any nationals this past season. The races he could run he ended up being injured during. However he continues to push on and still uncertain of what next season holds for sure he continues to train. Moore is said to be a candidate for a Snow Cross team this winter and may be a good realm to prep himself for 2013.

#726 Pro Am racer Tyler Hamrick announced he will also be making some attempts in the AMA Pro ATV Class next season. He says that he always seems to build more steam as the moto wears on and is hoping his style will be a good fit for the longer motos. He also says he wants to just simply gain some experience running with the class so he will be a little better prepared when he decides to make the step all the way up.

At only 19 years old Hamrick's talents seem to shine more and more each season. In an interview on Quad Radio Live this past Wednesday and he stated that he was currently working Monday -Friday days and doing some training in the evenings and on weekends but was looking forward to heading south to Florida soon at "Waldo" to begin the ramp up to 2013.

Pro Am racer #74 Kyle Fix also joined us during the interview and gave us the insight on what's up with him. As he put it, "I been working my butt off to get ready for next season." He said he is trying to scrape up every dime together to race next year. He said he gets a lot of help from his parents but that they couldn't foot the whole bill so he is busy working construction in his father's construction company to make that money.

Kyle said that he started out as a laborer in the business and he is trying to work his way up. He said his family is behind his efforts all the way but knowing he has his career to fall back on gives him the security he needs to make his racing all about the fun. Kyle takes things as serious as anyone when it comes to racing and if you have seen him ride you recognize he is talented and puts a lot of work into his program to be where he is.

Fix stated that one of his biggest inspirations in his racing and life now was John Natalie. He says John is a "True Ironman! He don't quit, he don't give up. He just keeps going no matter what." And if you ask me Natalie sounds as much like a badger as he is Ironman. I don't know, you can make the call I guess.

That will do it for now. Till next time, God Bless Your Heart and All Your Vital Organs.