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Site Lap: Rumbles From The Jungle

Sunday, October 28, 2012 | 2:45 PM
The silly season rumors have been flying and will continue to fly right up to round 1 in 2013. The bright
news this week is that we are starting to hear some concrete news from a few individuals and have
actually spotted some out and about as well.
This past weekend the 18th annual Ironman GNCC took to the fields of Indiana and traditionally known
as an ATV popular event a few ATV motocrossers came out to check out all the hoopla. Though no one
rode the event that I talked to, they were there to witness the madness of the muddiest Ironman in
about 5 years. It was also one of the most heavily attended Ironman events in a few years rider wise and
the crowds were once again huge.

Jeffery Rastrelli was there on Saturday to catch all the action. Jeff told me that he was in Indiana working
with the Guyer family during the break. He was helping them out to prepare for next season. Jeffery said
it was his first Ironman, but not his first GNCC. Jeff showed up in Florida a couple of years ago and even
though he was in town, said he had no desire to race this past weekend after he saw how rough the
track was getting in the soft muddy conditions.
Speaking of the Guyer family, I ran into Maddie and or dad in the pits as well. They only live a couple
hours away and have heard so much about the event that they had to come down and check it out.
Plus JB Racing’s Jody Bates was supposed to be there but had to leave early Saturday morning for an
emergency back home. So even though they missed Jody, they said they were having a blast watching
and were also looking forward to next season’s atvmx.
Bill Marsh was on hand as well. Bill is from the Martinsburg Indiana area which is the hometown of the
Ironman GNCC’s namesake, Bob ““The Ironman” Sloan. Bill said he actually had raced inaugural event
back in 1995. As far as racing this weekend, Bill was in no shape for that. If you remember the last time
we saw him he was in a sling for a shoulder injury. That healed but then he had another bad crash at a
local track and is on the mend from that. Hopefully all will be well and Bill will be back badder than ever.
As far as the 2012 champ Chad Wienen is concerned, the last time I spoke to him he was gearing up to
race the Ironman and was really looking forward to it, but after making that statement and hoping to
make it happen, he realized he was already scheduled to be out of country for an ATV event and could
not make it. Maybe next time or maybe even Florida GNCC Chad can come out and show us what he has
Another rider I spoke to in the last few weeks was Pro Am top gun Tyler Hamrick. Hammy showed up to
St. Clairesville, Ohio for the Power Line Park GNCC. He said he had never been before and since it was
only a couple of hours away from his house, the family loaded up the Hammy Transporter and rolled in
to check out the action. Hammy says that as cool as it looked, he wasn’t sure it was his forte but who
knows, he may try a little crossover someday.
Tyler told me he is going to focus on the Pro Am Production class as well he is moving up next season to
the AMA Pro ATV Motocross class to test the waters. He said he has been busy working Monday through
Friday 7a to 3p and trying to save money for next year. He said that he spends a lot of time in the gym
training on strength and mainly cardio. He feels like most that 20 minutes plus two laps is going to be a
big step up but that he is going to do his best to be ready for the challenge. He said he hasn’t got to ride
much because of that but has been trying to hit as many local races as possible to stay sharp on the bike.
As far as his program for next season, it looks like it will be pretty much the same with bike and
sponsors. He said that he and Cody Jannsen would be heading to Florida this winter to train together
and that they expect to be spending a lot of time at Waldo. Tyler says even though he has a program
to work with, he could use more support getting to the races. He said if you want to help, don’t be shy!
Drop him an email at [email protected].
Teams are starting to get things organized and it looks like the team that Hammy rode with last season is
gearing up for another year. I got this not on how things are going from team manager Brittany Gabalski:
The Ohio Crew is busy expanding this year! Rider Tyler Hamrick is going to making his way up to the pro
class. We are really looking forward to Tyler making a name for himself in the Pro Class. Tyler has been
riding 3 times a week and hitting the gym steadily. The whole team is looking forward to the start of
a new season! Returning members to the nationals are Ries Parvin, Joey Wimsatt, and Luke Shepherd.
New this year will be Dan Hoisington, Brian Jenkins, and Michelle Suciu Jenkins. The Ohio Crew will be
accepting rider resumes through December 1st at [email protected]
Hit them up if you would like to be considered to ride with or maybe even sponsor the team. One thing
is for certain times are still tough on most of us and seeing the Ohio Crew ban together is cool to see.
Hopefully we will continue to see things like this grow and riders banning together to help get everyone
out to the track.
I read a very interesting article by Seth Fargher. You might remember him as the DWT rep. or the
ATV MX Chaplin of sorts in 2011. Well we didn’t see a lot of him this last season but one thing is
for certain. He is still around. I found a really interesting article he had written and it will be very
beneficial for you as you send your resumes out this year. You can find the article here and be watching for an in depth interview concerning this matter. It may end up being multi-part
but hopefully we can spread some good information there. If you would like to pose a question for the
interview after reading his article, feel free to drop me an email at [email protected] and we
will try to address it.
There is more coming out and we will touch on it next week as far as the ATV Racin’ Nation is concerned
and we will try to have our finger on the pulse. Don’t forget to make your arrangements for the banquet
soon if you have not yet. Also to get your ATV MX fix, check out Racer TV this weekend as High Point
ATV MX National will be broadcast on Sunday at 5:30 pm eastern.
That will do it for now. Till next time, God Bless Your Heart and All Your Vital Organs.