ATV Motocross

Site Lap: Keeping Up The Silence

Friday, October 12, 2012 | 3:45 PM

The long off-season just seems to get longer and it has really only just begun. The quietness of this time of year is almost eerie. (I guess with Halloween approaching that fits). The little tidbits that seem to come our way are truly that, little tidbits. Not much being said and everyone is waiting to make decisions and or let the cat out of the bag about what is coming up.

A scan through the social media the last few days shows there is a little excitement starting to stir as there are a few series still running around the nation and it sounds as though the entire ATV Racin’ Nation is starved for somewhere to ride.

According to the buzz on the internet, this weekend should see several out at the Breezewood Proving Grounds. Fall Fest is scheduled for this weekend and they are encouraging everyone to bring their costumes and participate in the trick or treat throughout the park. There is also a covered dish dinner scheduled and it really sounds like a lot of fun.

The Breezewood Proving Grounds Motocross Park features 3 Motocross Tracks of different skill levels, along with an indoor and outdoor Pit Bike tracks. All tracks are Motocross with doubles, tabletops, triples, step-ups and high-banked berms.‚ The park is open 5 days a week from 8am to 8pm - closed only on‚ Tuesdays and Wednesdays. ‚ You can also ride there until dark. For more information you can log onto their website‚

Another event coming up on October 28th‚ is the North ”“VS- South Challenge at Three Palms ESP in Conroe, Texas. There will be a $5,000.00 pro purse with 125% being paid back to the pro-am. If you want more information about the event you can email the Manshacks at‚ [email protected]. I know that Thomas Brown told me that he was surely going to be making an appearance as well many other top national stars will probably be in attendance as well.‚ 

Speaking of Thomas Brown, it seems the AMA Pro ATV Motocrosser is at home for the offseason preparing for 2013. He said he was not 100% sure on what the program held for next year. He said the only thing he knows for sure right now is that he will be returning next season and will be going after the championship. Brown seems rather determined after such high hopes this past season. Noting injury held him back leading into the season, he feels his speed was right where it needed to be heading into the break.

Joel Hetrick has been a little on the quiet side lately but could not keep the silence up when he purchased himself a 2-stroker motorcycle. I am not sure what size and such but he is rather pumped to get out and ride it soon. It seems the news brought former ATV motocross star Chase Snapp out of his quiet zone to make a few comments about how much he loves riding his two-stroke motorcycle. Come on Chase, don’t tease us like that. Grab yourself a couple more wheels and get back to the ATV Racin’ Nation!

Congratulations to the AMA Pro ATV MX Champ Chad Wienen for sticking another feather in his cap a few weeks back. Chad along with several American and Canadian ATV stars made their way to the annual Montreal Supercross. Wienen and Brown actually put the Yamahas up front all weekend. John Natalie and Josh Upperman were also in attendance, and Uppy looked to be a threat for the podium but his muffler came loose during the event and he was disqualified for too much sound. And you guys thought Harv Whipple was a stickler! It was also good to see #9 Josh Creamer in action up north, hopefully something is brewing for 2013 and a shot back at the AMA Pro ATV Motocross title‚ 

Another thing that is keeping folks busy this off-season is the search for sponsors for next year. It seems there are not a lot of people really nailed down on next year in any of the divisions. Now there are a few but the majority is still waiting and searching.

This time is a good time to cross all the t’s and dot the I’s for you resumes. Most companies are releasing details on next year’s programs but you need to be contacting everyone right now trying to get your support talks rolling. Also if there are any companies that would like to announce opportunities for next year we would be glad to help spread the word. Just email me[email protected]‚ and we will try to help.

Aside from those few rumblings the ATV MX world seems to be pretty quiet right now. If you haven’t reserved your place at the banquet you need to do so. Last time in Site Lap we listed the top 10 in each class that will be recognized. If you have any questions about that be sure and contact the MX Sports office.

That will do it for now. Till next time, God Bless Your Heart and All Your Vital Organs.