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Site Lap: We're Back!

Friday, August 24, 2012 | 4:30 PM

Welcome back to Site Lap here at‚  It has been a while but the bugs are finally worked out and we are back up and running.‚  All apologies to everyone for the inconvenience and hopefully this will not happen again.

With that we can finally switch our attention to what’s been going on since last we were here.‚  The big news is that the season is over and all in all it was a good year. The 2012 AMA ATV Motocross Nationals saw healthy rider turnouts, the fan attendance seemed to be gaining some momentum and the racing was off the scale.

Congratulations to Chad Wienen on his first AMA Pro ATV Motocross National Championship.‚  Though Chad and everyone around him were confident coming into the season, the reality of it all was that it was really a long shot to win the championship.‚  Only a year ago he was still in recovery from his season ending practice injury that left him with a broken back and no ride at the end of 2011.

Hard work on and off the track before his crash had given Chad an advantage over most people in the same situation he was in. All of his 2011 preparation to win the championship actually may have been what helped the healing progress.‚  That and the never quit attitude he displays caught the eye of Donnie Luce from Yamaha.‚ 

Knowing Chad was without a ride Yamaha rolled the dice and decided to back him in solo privateer based effort.‚  This, as great of a blessing as it was, presented its own obstacles in trying to build a whole new program from scratch.‚  Chad has now spent time riding every major competitive brand of machine in either privateer status as in his Honda days to factory rides with Suzuki, Kawasaki and Can Am.

One would think it would be hard to build a program from the ground up but Chad has been around long enough and as he put it in a preseason interview on Quad Radio, he ““surrounded himself with the right people” and was able to pick up virtually where he left off when he first got injured.‚  He stated that it was not about the money someone could give him; it was about the quality of product they built.‚  He wanted only the best and only the best make the best.

Chad owes a great deal of credit to his team Wienen Motorsports and he will be the first to admit he did not win this alone.‚ ‚  Ryan Cox who is one of the industry leading motor builders and Chad’s mechanic since his days at Suzuki was as big a key to the win as anyone.‚  As well Chad’s girlfriend and manager Danicka was an instrumental part in the process.‚ 

It goes to show what heart and determination can accomplish.‚  Understand that the statement in the previous sentence t is not meant to take anything away from anyone else, but one that will hopefully inspire them to dig even deeper than they thought possible.

Have you ever heard ‚ ““you have to want it more than anyone else in order to win?” ‚  It is a statement that 9-Time GNCC Champion Bill Ballance has said on more than one occasion.‚  It is actually his words of wisdom often times to his team.‚  It is what drove him to his 9 championships and 68 wins that hold records in the GNCC off road world for both ATV and Motorcycle racing.

The one thing we must understand when Bill makes this statement is that he doesn’t necessarily mean who wants it most just on race day, but also who wants it most the months, weeks and days leading into each race.‚  It is a full time commitment of figuring out your own weaknesses and making them your strengths.‚  It is a full time commitment of mind body and spirit that will propel you ahead of the competition.

Another thing to understand is that as bad as you want it, someone else wants it more so you have to dig even deeper and become even stronger they are mentally and physically.‚  This is at least the way you should think so no one can possible want it more than you.

2 Time AMA Pro ATV MX Champ Joe Byrd has an interesting saying; ““Some days I would rather be lucky than good.” ‚  What exactly does that mean?‚  I think it means that as good as you are some of the time luck plays a big part in the outcome as being a good rider. ‚ And John Natalie would have loved to have had a little luck on his side this season. ‚ John saw the championship slip away after a couple of misfortunate incidents that took him off the podium only once.‚ 

The twist to John’s bad luck is that even on his worst days, Chad still finished somewhere on the podium every round of the 2012 championship season.‚  This was the element that kept him not only in the hunt but in the points lead since the 2nd moto of the season at Aonia Pass way back in March. Another note to that is that his worst finish was a third overall at the final round when didn’t even have to finish that well, but he did

Do you think John Natalie wanted to win the championship back to back?‚  Of course he did.‚  Did Chad want it more than John?‚  It is hard to say but by all indications, he must have wanted it just a little bit more than John did because he won.

The 2012 AMA Pro ATV Motocross Championship is Chad Wienen’s testament to not only how good he is, how bad he wanted it, how well he prepared himself and his program but also how all these elements may have helped shape his luck to help him achieve his goal of being crowned champion.

The motto to this is; Work hard, be prepared, want it bad enough and you may be able to shape your own luck to the positive which will ultimately lead you to your dreams.

So no matter how bad you think you want it, want it more. Because someone out there wants it as bad as you do and you need your edge.

Some reminders for you before you go:

  • The banquet has been set for Saturday November 24, 20112 at the Waterfront Place Hotel and details can be found here.
  • The 10th and final Matt Bartosek Celebration Race will be held this weekend in Sugar Grove Pa.

That’s it for now.‚  Till next time, God Bless Your Heart and All Your Vital Organs. ‚