ATV Motocross

Pleasure Valley Preview

Friday, July 10, 2009 | 1:30 PM
Hey Jeff! How are you doing today? We're doing well. We're here at the track working!

Are you gearing up for the national at Pleasure Valley or are you at Steel City getting ready for the PAMX event? We're at Pleasure Valley getting the track ready. ‚ We're building new parking lots and just getting things ready.

I've heard there are a lot of changes this year at Pleasure Valley. Can you tell me about them?
Last year we didn't have a pro section so this year we put one in. There are no more trees around the track. The track is almost 90 percent visible. That's a big improvement there. That's going to be really good for spectators. There's a new parking lot going in that'll hold probably 70 of the large motor homes and trailers. That will be a real positive there.‚  We've just made a lot of facility updates to make it more user friendly for the spectators and the racers.

How long have you been involved with Pleasure Valley? Since 1969. My father started it then. Pleasure Valley opened up in 1969 and we raced until 1977 and then the Johnstown flood in 1977 wiped out the whole town and closed all of our businesses. So we worked on building it back up and in 1988 I reopened it. That's when I started running it.

Can you explain the relationship between PAMX series and Pleasure Valley? PAMX was started three years ago with a group of promoters in all of Pennsylvania. I headed it with PAMX so Pleasure Valley is kind of the format for the series. It just turned out to be a great association.

Can you explain more about why Pleasure Valley is the format for the series? Since I started PAMX, everyone looks at Pleasure Valley Raceway as more of a template. Like I said, PAMX has worked out very well. And I think it's been a positive for every promoter, racetrack and rider in the association. For the expert riders we pay bonuses at the end of each series so the riders are making money. It's just worked out very well. The riders are happy, the promoters are happy. So it's been a great relationship.

Pleasure Valley gained pretty much instant notoriety, after PAMX was organized in 2007. What are some of the reasons you think it's been so successful?
I'm a firm believer you're only as good as the people you surround yourself with. We, as the PAMX promoters, obviously we deal with Rita at Steel City and High Point and those are two of the premiere tracks in the nation, let alone the world. They set a standard that all the other promoters live by. When you sur

round yourself with that kind of quality of people it only makes yourself better. The riders see that and want to be a part of it. I really do feel that when you have facilities like High Point and Steel City, you want to be on that level playing field. You want to have your facility

to have that quality so when riders show up at your track and say you're at the same playing field. That's what PAMX has done, it brought promoters together and we feed off of each other.

So how do you feel that's maybe translated over to ATV motocross? One thing I tell everyone, is one thing ATV motocross has done is make Pleas

ure Valley a much better facility. We've seen the needs

of the ATV riders and we try to meet and exceed what they need by making the facility better. We saw we needed more parking. We moved the trees to make the track more visible. We made the track much better so the racers and spectators can enjoy the track even more.

Well Jeff. It sounds like you're busy getting stuff ready for the race! We'll see you in a few weeks.