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Motoworks/Can-Am Muddy Creek Report

Wednesday, July 1, 2009 | 3:00 PM
Motoworks Race Report-‚  Round #8 (Muddy Creek)

Blountville, TN: 06/28/09 -
Motowork's East coast MX team traveled to Muddy Creek in Tennessee this past weekend for what turned out to be a great weekend for the rookie MX team.‚  In Moto 1, Lawson lead for the entire race before getting passed on the last lap and taking a second in moto 1. Moto 2, Jeremy rode to a 9th posting a 4th O/A on the weekend.‚  Team mate Brandon Smith also rode smart to a 13-7 finish, capping a 11th O/A. Continuing to do double duty or shall I say triple duty in WORCS, ITP & AMA, was Can-Am/Motoworks pilot Jermie Warnia.‚  Warnia would post a 10-5 grabbing 7th O/A on the weekend.
"I'm very happy with our crew this weekend.‚  It was HOT and I think the weather played a major role in this race.‚  Lawson rode really well in Moto 1 and secured a 4th place on the weekend, while "Frenchie" and Smith were consistent and kept the team motivated for next round." Ty Zimmerman of Motoworks.
Motoworks heads to Pennsylvania for the second time this year next month for Round 8 in Armaugh at Pleasure Valey Raceway on July 19th.‚  Stay tuned