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Wimmer Has a Strong Show - Gust Comes Home Second at Unadilla

Tuesday, June 16, 2009 | 9:00 AM
Wimmer Has a Strong Show - Gust Comes Home Second at Unadilla

Chino, Calif. - June 15, 2009 - Yoshimura's Dustin Wimmer came to New Berlin, NY to try and get back some of the points he lost while recovering from a shoulder injury. His teammate Doug Gust came to prove that he could continue his performance streak. Both came back successful.

Gust started the event with the fastest lap time in qualifying. In the first moto he was second out of the gate and sparred with Weinen and Upperman throughout the race, finally crossing the checkers in third place. In the second moto, he grabbed the holeshot and continued as the frontrunner, battling it out for the lead. Again, he crossed the line in third -- the combined score was good enough for a well earned second place overall.

Dustin Wimmer had a decent start in the first moto but got into a tangle at the third turn putting him in dead last. He battled his way through half the field to secure a tenth place spot. In the second moto, Wimmer got a mid pack start and picked riders off one by one until he ran out of time and had to settle for a fourth place finish, netting Wimmer 6th overall for the day.

"I've been really training hard since Steel City, trying to get back into shape," Wimmer explained. "I came into this race at about 75% and by the second moto, I was feeling really good. From here I'm heading back to Georgia to train some more so I can be back to normal for Muddy Creek."

"Dustin looked great out there," Team Manager Kory Ellis said. "Every lap he just got faster and stronger, so that by the end of the second moto he looked like his old self again. We made up some points, and Dustin certainly has the potential to take every moto from here on and retain the Championship."

The top three contenders have shifted positions recently due to Wimmer's injury but as it stands now -- Wimmer is ten points out of second and 19 points from the leader.

In the production classes -- Yoshimura support rider Joel Hetrick pulled second in Pro Am Production and Pro Am Unlimited. Chase Snapp got third in Pro Am Unlimited and 450A.‚