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Dalton Millican Ballance MX Race Report

Thursday, April 9, 2009 | 4:00 PM
Dalton Millican
Bluegrass Nationals, Bowling Green KY

Dalton Millican continues to improve in the Production A class.
Dalton was riding at one of his favorite tracks, Balance Moto X in Bowling Green KY this past weekend. Dalton finished 16th overall, while that was not the end results he wanted, the Lonestar Honda he is riding continues to improve.
Maximum Cycle has designed a new cylinder head that is making a lot of power and in the first moto I had a great start but got my wheels tangled with another rider going into the first turn. Once I got going I was able to make up a lot of positions but wound up 11th. This put me into the last chance qualifier Millican said. In the LCQ Millican pulled the holeshot and was able to hold onto a 4th place finish. This 4th place finish put Millican into moto 2 on Sunday.

In moto 2 Millican had a decent start and ran some of his best lap times of the weekend. I am really disappointed that I had to race my way in from the LCQ because I did not get a good gate pick for the second moto, but my bike handled really well and I felt comfortable on it Millican said. Millican ended moto 2 with a solid 11th place finish.‚ 

Millican really had to do some fast talking to even get to race at the Bluegrass Nationals. The day we were leaving for the race my parents got the results from a MRI I done because of my back hurting. The results were that I have a fractured L4 vertebrae. The Doctor wants me to take off for 6 to 8 weeks. I will take off for a few weeks and try and be ready for Sunset Ridge Nationals.

Dalton would like to thank the following sponsors:

Mark Pickens of MPE Motorsports, Dan Fisher of Lonestar Racing, Jeff Maxey of Maximum Cycle, Andy Lambert of Custom Axis, Chris Harris of Fly Racing, Tom Bogner of Lucas Oil, PJ Harvey of PJ1 and Keith Parker of KPM, Neil Cowman of Hoosier Racing Tire, Bob Harris of K&N Filters and Rob Mills of Dark Synergy

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