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Team Suzuki Recap

Friday, August 29, 2008 | 12:00 AM

Suzuki 2008 AMA / ATVA National Championship Series Highlights


The Rockstar / MSR / Pro Taper / Yoshimura / Suzuki team enjoyed a highly successful 2008 racing season, with Dustin Wimmer (#191) claiming first place in the ITP/Moose AMA/ATVA National MX Championship series. His teammates Doug Gust (#55) and Chad Wienen (#44) also had reasons to celebrate at the season’s end, with both riders having claimed victories and podium finishes. With speed, consistency, teamwork, and the phenomenal QuadRacer R450, Suzuki handily won the coveted Manufacturers’ Cup, asserting their status as ““First on 4 Wheels” .


The season began March 10, 2008 in San Bernardino, California at Glen Helen Raceway. Dustin Wimmer started out with a bang, winning both motos in convincing fashion while Chad Wienen finished runner up and Doug Gust finished in fifth.


On March 29-30 in Pell City, Alabama at Millcreek, Wimmer proved to be unstoppable again, sweeping both motos with ease for the overall victory. Gust accompanied his teammate on the podium with a third overall finish.


Round 3 took place on April 13 in Bowling Green, Kentucky at Ballance Moto X. While Wimmer looked poised to sweep both motos after a first moto victory, it was Doug Gust who rose to the occasion in the second moto, taking the overall victory with two consistent second-place finishes.


Wimmer maintained championship momentum in Danville, Virginia, for Round 4 of the ITP/Moose AMA/ATVA National MX Championship on April 26-27. He finishing second overall, riding wisely and consistently.


The May 10-11 race at Sunset Ridge in Walnut, Illinois, was a challenging one, with inclement weather conditions shortening the usual two-moto format to one single race. Wimmer showed his perseverance, however, and easily won, leading every lap on his way to the checkered flag.



Wimmer was quick to bounce back at Round 7 of the championship, held June 7-8 at Unadilla MX Raceway in New Berlin, New York. He demonstrated championship-caliber consistency with a consistent 2-2 finish in muddy conditions.


Round 8 took place June 21-22 at Muddy Creek Raceway in Blountville, Tennessee. The event was another display of Wimmer’s dominance, as he handily swept both motos and extended his tremendous points lead

Round 9 at Pleasure Valley Raceway in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, July 12-13, saw veteran Doug Gust claim his second victory of the season in a rain-soaked race. Points leader Wimmer rode consistently and joined Gust on the podium with a third overall.


The July 26-27 race at Red Bud Raceway in Buchanan, Michigan was the moment that Dustin WImmer had waited for his entire career, as he secured the 2008 ITP/Moose AMA/ATVA National MX Championship. Wimmer rode consistently and finished in fourth overall.Teammate Chad Wienen had his best performance of the season to date with a 1-2 for second overall. He was joined on the podium by Gust, who finished third overall.


Chad Wienen continued his momentum into the final round of the championship on August 9-10 at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, taking the overall victory with1-2 moto scores. Newly crowned champion Wimmer made it a 1-2 Suzuki podium finish with a strong second overall.


Suzuki also earned the Manufacturers’ Cup by having a QuadRacer R450 on the podium of every race.


The top ten final standings for the ITP/Moose AMA/ATVA National MX Championship:


1st ”“ Dustin Wimmer #191 - QuadRacer R450 - 438

2nd ”“ Joe Byrd #7 - 371

3rd ”“ Douglas Gust #55 - QuadRacer R450 - 352

4th ”“ Josh Creamer#9 ”“ 298

5th ”“ Jeremy Lawson#16 - 277

6th ”“ Chad Wienen #44 - QuadRacer R450 - 268

7th ”“ John Natalie Jr.#13 - 263

8th ”“ Harold Goodman#708 - 259

9th ”“ Josh Upperman#20 - 227

10th ”“ Cody Miller#22 - 187


Team Suzuki’s amateur efforts were also successful this season.


Suzuki amateur riders in the top 3 of their class:

Pro-Am Production: Cody Gibson (3rd overall)

Pro-Am Unlimited: Cody Gibson (Champion), Cody Grant (3rd overall)

450 A: Michael Logan Brewster (2nd overall)

Open A: Doug Lanzer (Champion)

4-Stroke A: Michael Logan Brewster (Champion)

4-Stroke B: Michael Long (2nd overall)

Production B: Michael Long (2nd overall), Daniel Cooper (3rd overall)

College 16-24: Andrew Spence (2nd overall)

Junior 25 Plus: Chase Cunningham (Champion), Chadwick Lohr (3rd overall)

Vet 30+ A: Jeffrey Thompson (Champion)

Vet 30+ B/C: Brian Jenkins (Champion), Karl Vann (3rd overall)

Senior 40+: Jerry Huckabey, Jr. (2nd overall)

Schoolboy Sr. (15-17): Joel Hetrick (Champion)