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ATV Riders Celebrate Grand Slam Championships

Tuesday, August 12, 2008 | 12:00 AM

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Amateurs celebrate Grand Slam Championships


HURRICANE MILLS, Tenn. (August 11, 2008) -- Hundreds of Amateur ATV riders from all over of the country celebrated the "Home Base" of 2008 ITP Tires Grand Slam Presented by QUAD Magazine over the weekend at Loretta Lynn Ranch. The four-round, championship within a championship was part of the ITP Tires/Moose Racing AMA/ATVA National Championship Presented by Parts Unlimited.


The Grand Slam program was created to help further reward riders competing in this year's tour. Along with a $5,000 bonus offered in the Pro Class, special gold, silver and bronze medals were awarded to the Amateurs.


““First Base” was at High Point Raceway in Mount Morris, Pa. (May 24-25). "Second Base" was at Unadilla Valley Sports in New Berlin, N.Y. (June 7-8); "Third Base" was at RedBud in Buchanan, Mich. (July 26-27); and the "Home Base" was at Loretta Lynn's Dirt Days in Hurricane Mills, Tenn. (Aug. 9-10).

Grand Slam Winners:

Class Gold Medal Silver Medal Bronze Medal
Pro Am Production Thomas Brown Nick Denoble Josh Williams
Women Angela Adkins Brandi Krajewski Kristy Laurine
Pro Am Women Heather Byrd Michelle Natalie Susan Parker
Pro Am Unlimited Josh Williams Cody Gibson Mitch Reynolds
450 A Jordan Gallagher Michael Logan Brewster William Cottage
450 B Cole Henry Charlie McVay Kyle Bard
450 C Nicholas Moser Yasmin Adams Chadwick Allen
Open A Doug Lanzer Adam Smith Derek Swartfager
Open B Dustin Swartfager Wade Vitale Jeremy Osborn
Open C Terry Monroe Jerry Terpay Chass Bevill
4-Stroke A Michael Logan Brewster Christoher Holden Chase Cunningham
4-Stroke B Cole Henry Daniel Cooper Michael Long
4-stroke C Jordan Davidovich Levi Baker Jerry Terpay
Production A Jordan Gallagher William Cottage Matt Shapaka
Production B Evan Bump Daniel Cooper Kyle Bard
Production C Jordan Davidovich Yasmin Adams Eric Lidvall
College 16-24 Jonathan Ven John Shawn Welsh Brandon Jones
Junior 25 Plus Chase Cunningham Chadwick Lohr Justin Norman
Vet 30 Plus A Chadwick Lohr Jeffrey Thompson Joe Scarrow
Vet 30 B/C Brian Jenkins Terry Monroe Jeremy Osborn
Senior 40 Plus Tommy Tantillo Jeffrey Thompson Jerry Huckabey, Jr.
Schoolboy Sr. (15-17) Joel Hetrick Jeffrey Rastrelli Ross Medlin
Schoolboy Jr. (13-15) Jeffrey Rastrelli Brett Cusumano Mark Madl
Supermini (13-15) Jeffrey Rastrelli Colby Gilchrist Cody Brooks
90 Modified (8-15) Jesse Skvarek Colby Gilchrist Brett Musick
90 Automatic Sr. (12-15) Colby Gilchrist Brett Musick Bren Marra
90 Automatic Jr. (8-11) Chase Horton Benjamin Brocato Joseph Espey
90 CVT (8-15) Jesse Skvarek Caston McConnell Hunter Harper
70 Modified (6-11) Samuel Rowe Alex Szymborski David Nevrotski
70 CVT (6-11) Christian Horne Erik Havert Brayden Guyer
70 SS (6-11) Alex Szymborski Jeremy Ledonne Tyler Peters
50 Sr. (6-8) Jordan Digby Corey Heath Tyler Peters
50 Limited Jr. (4-6) Will Harness Elijah Smith Andrew Bridges