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Tuesday, July 8, 2008 | 12:00 AM
Limited Edition, Team Issue Wheels Will Be Auctioned On E-Bay


LAWRENCE, Kan, July 8, 2008-- HiPer Technology's non-profit charity will be holding an E-Bay auction beginning on July 13, 2008. The auction will feature HiPer's, limited edition, Team Issue wheels that were given to a select few of their sponsored riders.

HiPer Foundation is a non-profit charity that was formed in 2007 by HiPer Technology Inc. The charity was founded to benefit and promote rider and racer safety. HiPer foundation will hold several fundraisers through out the year to generation donations and awareness to improve conditions for riders and racers.

The fundraiser for HiPer Foundation will be an on-line auction of HiPer's Team issue wheels. The wheels were created to give HiPer racers Chris Borich, Traci Cecco, John Natalie, Chris Bithell, and Angel Atwell an advantage over their competition during the 2007 season. Team HiPers newest addition, GNCC Cross Country record holder Bill Ballance will also be seen racing on the Team Issue wheels in 2008.

The Team Issue wheels were designed to produce the lightest and strongest wheel possible. They feature a single bolt pattern, red or blue, anodized center section. They exceed the durability of HiPers Tech 3 racing wheel and offer almost a pound of weight savings per wheel. The Team Issue wheels were not available commercially and the only chance you will have to own a set is through the HiPer Foundation E-Bay auction. All benefits and proceeds from the auction will go directly to the HiPer Foundation. Please visit¯¿½ for further information.

HiPer Technology, Inc. is a Kansas company specializing in carbon fiber products utilizing a proprietary injection molding process. HiPer is the industry leader in ATV and Micro Sprint car wheels. HiPer Technology has grown to be a technology leader in materials, design, and product function since its founding in 2000.