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Tuesday Feature: Jeremy Lawson

Tuesday, June 10, 2008 | 12:00 AM
Written by: Andy Bowyer


For the past three weeks, the upstart Can-Am Racing squad made the biggest team presence in the AMA Pro class. During that time, riders John Natalie, Jr. and Jeremy Lawson have won three motos and are knocking on the door of their first overall victory. That said, Lawson has been inching closer to being the first man to put the brand new DS-450 on the top of the podium. Two weeks ago, Lawson posted the fastest qualifying time at High Point, and then raced to a hard fought 2-2 moto tally for second overall. Lawson came out swinging last weekend at Unadilla and ran away with the opening moto. The rains came for moto two and Lawson suffered goggle problems; otherwise he may have emerged victorious.


We caught up with Jeremy while he was driving home from the race and spoke with him about his moto win, his recent burst of speed, and what it’s been like racing in the ITP Tires/Moose Racing AMA/ATVA National Motocross Championship presented by Parts Unlimited.


Wow! You really put it on the field in that first moto at Unadilla. Tell us how that felt.


It was really good. I knew I had pretty good speed. I left like I had good enough speed to get on the podium. But, once the race got going I had no idea I was going to bust out laps like those. Once I got in the lead, it was crazy. Things were just flowing perfectly. It felt like my first ever win!


Well, you had that first dominating moto win and then the rains came. Did that put a major damper on your spirits?


Not really, I don’t mind riding in the mud, but I’ve been having some goggle problems lately and I was nervous about that. I knew I had to get a good start and I came out in the top five. Then I didn’t even make it a lap when I had to take off my goggles. From there, I just put my head down and did what I had to do to finish the race.


Between your goggle problems and John Natalie’s eye infection, you guys have had a lot of trouble with vision! Speaking of John, were you proud of your teammate?


I didn’t know he was in the lead until the race was over! I couldn’t see a thing out there! I think he's been feeling a little down lately and that win had to boost his confidence. It’s actually a great boost for the whole Can-Am crew.


You guys have been flexing a lot of muscle for a first year team competing on a brand new quad. That seems like a cool thing to be a part of.


Yeah. Who would have thought? You never see a first-year quad come out and win the way we have. To be winning races and running up front every weekend has been amazing.


You’re a notoriously hard trainer. Is that where this recent push has been coming from? Did you change up your program?


Last year was the hardest I’ve ever trained and I switched that up a little for this season. I’ve been trying to train smarter instead of harder. Now I’ve been showing up to the races fresh and ready to race instead of tired from training all week. It wasn’t a really big change, just a little that has helped out a lot.


We hear you are a big Lance Armstrong fan. I take it you like to spend some time on the road bike?


Lance has always been a guy I looked up to a lot. Road biking is something I really enjoy. It’s such a hard sport. I have no idea how those guys do it, but if I ever decide to quit racing my quad I’d like to give it a try.


I think you'd be pretty good. Now, peddling up the Alps all day seems incredible, but hanging onto a quad for 30 minutes at Unadilla is pretty close!


[laughs] You’re right, it’s pretty tough!


You guys have been putting on a great show every weekend. There have been strong, consistent turn-outs, and it seems like someone different wins each moto. Have you enjoyed racing in the series?


It’s been really great this season. It seems like they are promoting the sport so much more and we have been getting a lot of fans at the races. It’s cool seeing all of the factories in the pits and being able to race in front of big crowds.


Anything to add before I let you go?


I’d just like to thank the entire Epic Can-Am crew. They are doing a great job and I can’t thank them enough for sticking behind me. I’m excited that we are continuing to go forward this season.