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TimeWednesday, October 3, 2007 | 12:00 AM

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AMA Pro ATV Series Manager Harv Whipple accompanied three separate segments for Joe Byrd, the first-ever 2007 AMA Pro ATV Series Champion, Pat Brown, winner of the first-ever AMA Pro ATV Open Invitational, and Doug Gust, third at the 2007 AMA Pro ATV Open and long-time veteran in the sport of ATV racing.


"The guys did great and that is what's important," Harv said after the show. "I liked the format they used, because it was able to draw attention to each rider. They all had equal coverage."



On the air LIVE with the first-ever 2007 AMA Pro ATV Series Manager, Harv spoke of his expectations at the beginning of 2007 AMA Pro ATV Series.


““I didn’t know what to expect, to be honest,” he said. ““The ATVA series has been around forever, but AMA Pro Racing has just now stepped in and took over. We’re actually licensing the riders, so they have AMA Pro cards. What’s good about the ATVs””with the bikes, it seems like there’s one or two guys””but with the ATVs, I can give you ten names right now that if we went and had a race in my yard, that any one of them would win, you wouldn’t know.”


With the help of Harv Whipple, the hosts of Pit Pass Radio welcomed three of those ten names to the show.


Joe Byrd spoke of wrapping up the first-ever 2007 AMA Pro ATV Series Championship, his ride with American Honda, and how he met his wife, Heather Byrd. He also mentioned his plans for the next six to eight years, rewards of his 6-foot 5-inch frame, and how he handles the Joe Byrd Quad Riding School. ““I’m the manager, the trainer, the racer, you name it, I’m the agent. I do run the program as well as do my own program,” he said.


The hosts had a laugh when Joe admitted he was a neat freak. ““Persnickety,” he said. ““I fine my mechanics if the place is dirty, but also they get bonuses if things are right. I run a tight ship there at the shop,” he said.


Next up was "Downtown" Patrick Brown, who delighted the hosts all the way from his vacation in Disney World, where he's been relaxing before getting back to training for next season. ““Racing ATVS is a fun job to have,” he said


The 22-year-old talked about his first-ever win at the Inaugural AMA Pro ATV Open Invitation, and how Steel City was actually one of his favorite tracks in the series. Besides Steel City, ““I like Red Bud in Michigan, I think that’s a great track," he said. " I like a bunch of the tracks. Walnut was an excellent track. They groomed that thing perfect. As far as track maintenance goes, they had it dialed by far the best. I like technical tracks. That’s why I liked that Steel City track. They had some sections that really separated the riders,” he said.


Pat spoke of his deal with factory Yamaha, and pitched his plans for racing the next GNCC race in St. Clairsville, Ohio; he looks forward to more than a 24-minute moto. He also revealed something he wants everyone to know. ““I’m serious about the sport and I want to win,” he said, and ““I run these sideburns.”


Last but not least was the legendary Doug Gust, who has seen the sport grow tremendously throughout his racing career. ““I’ve been racing quads for twenty years, but it’s been a lot of fun. I’m 40-years-old and I still want to keep doing it."


In the past, Doug raced dirt bikes in 250 A class, as well as competed in the ATV Pro class. ““I just wasn’t as good on the motorcycle as I was on the quad, so I guess I took the easy way out,” he said.


Harv chimed in when the hosts asked his opinion on Doug Gust himself. ““At the rider’s meeting in Walnut," Harv said Doug told him, "'Harv, I feel like I’m at a day care.' Doug is the role model””his actions towards the kids and him being able to be on the Rockstar Energy Suzuki team...I compare him to John Dowd.”


The show was hilarious as Harv and the AMA Pro ATV racers offered a field of insight for the hosts of Pit Pass Radio and its listeners. Check it out on



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