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Brown, Byrd and Gust on Pit Pass Radio

Friday, September 28, 2007 | 12:00 AM



Brown, Byrd and Gust on Pit Pass Radio

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (September 28, 2007) ”“ Tune in to Pit Pass Radio on Tuesday, October 2 for the one-hour show featuring three of the fastest AMA Pro ATV riders in the country. That's right! None other than Joe Byrd, Patrick Brown and Doug Gust will be LIVE on the air with AMA Pro ATV Series Manager Harv Whipple.

"I have an hour lined up on www.pitpassradio, a syndicated motorsports radio talk show based out of Des Moines, Iowa," Whipple said. "I will be on and I have Joe Byrd, Pat Brown & Doug Gust all set to be on. A little FYI - at the moment, Doug is in Oregon doing a Suzuki photo shoot, Joe is in Cali for contract negotiations and Pat Brown is in Disneyland!

Harv Whipple congratulates champion Joe Byrd for a job well done


For Pit Pass Radio, we dialed Tony Wenck for more information as Tony is a host on the show.

Pit Pass Radio has hosted ATV riders in the passed, while targeting all aspects of motorcycle racing in between. "We actually had Barry Hawk on not too long ago," Tony said. "He's been an ATV guy."

As for the AMA Pro ATV riders, Tony actually caught a glimpse of this very competition at the July round ten Concept Haulers ATV Showdown in Walnut, Illinois, where Joe Byrd took two solid holeshots and two moto wins, Pat Brown finished third and a 3-3 and Doug Gust was fourth with a 7-4.


Gust over the Walnut whoop section 

““Walnut was the first time I actually went to an ATV national," Tony said. "I just went because it was kind of close to me, and I was blown away. I absolutely could not believe how fast they were going. It was scary.”




The first lap battle between Byrd and Brown at Walnut



After the showdown at the first-ever AMA Pro ATV Open Invitational when twenty ATV riders shared the weekend at Steel City with the AMA Motocross National, Tony figured it was a smart move in adding ATVs to traditional dirt bike events.


““I think people will respond to it differently," he said. "Once people see the ATV guys go, I think they’re going to be blown away by how fast they go, and then compare their lap times to a lot of the 450 riders that are riding dirt bikes. I think everybody will be kind of impressed.”


Tune in on Tuesday to find out what else they have to say about the ATV riders.


““Be sure to call in if you want,” Tony said. ““We’ll have the 800-number there for you. Tuesday night. We’ll see ya."

The call in number for the show is toll free 866-333-5966 or 515-284-5966.

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