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Cycle News' Briefly On The First-Ever AMA Pro ATV Open

Wednesday, September 19, 2007 | 12:00 AM

Morgantown, WV - For those who overlooked the September 5, Issue #37 of Cycle News, America’s weekly motorcycle newspaper, check out this plug on page 21 in the Briefly”¦ section for some famously positive feedback from the inaugural AMA Pro ATV Open at Steel City:


““Steel City hosted a bit of an experiment with the first-ever AMA Pro ATV Open on Saturday morning. The top ATV riders raced on the same weekend as the AMA Motocross riders for the first time ever, which had many fans and critics raising an eyebrow. But none of the Pro motocrossers seemed to have a complaint. ““You really couldn’t tell the ATVs had been out there,” said Broc Hepler after Saturday practice.


Windham embraced the idea and thought it made for a good overall weekend program, along with the WMA racing. ““Everybody keeps talking about the quads. Everyone wants to know, ”˜Do they mess up the track?’ Well, I think they did a great job at prepping the track. They were hauling butt, they were entertaining, they were doing all the jumps; they really race good. So I think that’s a perfect fit for what we have going on. If they prep the track Saturday night””which they should””then I don’t think we’ll ever know they were there.”


With this recent foray into the world of AMA motorcycle racing, the ATV riders marked the beginning of unprecedented popularity for their sport. Thanks to everyone who made it a success!


Stay tuned for more exciting news on the 2008 ATV Open at Steel City Raceway, as well as the entire 2008 AMA Pro ATV Motocross Championship schedule.  For more information on the AMA Pro ATV Motocross Championship, as well as the ATVA National Motocross Championship, visit


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