2021 National Classes

Revised 4.6.21
Red Denotes Changes for 2021

1AMA ProProduction350-450cc 4-Stk18+2
2Pro-AmPro/Pro-Am/A91-265cc 2-Stk; 201-450cc 4-Stk13+2
3Pro StockProduction Stock201-450cc 2-Stk/4-Stk6
4Pro SportPro-Am/A201cc-Open6
5Open B 201cc-Open4
6Open C 201cc-Open4
7450 A 201-450cc 4-Stk6
8450 B 201-450cc 4-Stk4
9450 C 201-450cc 4-Stk4
10Production AProduction201-450cc 4-Stk4
11Production BProduction201-450cc 4-Stk4
12Production CProduction201-450cc 4-Stk4
13Production Stock A/BProduction Stock201-450cc 2-Stk/4-Stk4
14Production Stock CProduction Stock201-450cc 2-Stk/4-Stk4
15College (16-24)Sportsman201cc-Open4
16Junior 25+ 201cc-Open5
17Veteran 30+ A/BSportsman201cc-Open4
18Veteran 30+ C 201cc-Open4
19Senior 40+ A/B 201cc-Open4
20Senior 40+ C 201cc-Open4
21Masters 50+ 201cc-Open4
22WMX 201-450cc 4-Stk5
23Women (15+) 201-450cc 4-Stk4
   15 yr old: 201-250cc 4-Stk 
24Youth All-Star (14-17) 91-200cc 2-Stk, 91-250cc 4-Stk4
  Production*201-400cc 4-Stk* 
25250 Mod (13-15) 91-200cc 2-Stk; 91-250cc 4-Stk4
  Production*201-400cc 4-Stk* 
   12 yr old: 71-105cc 2-Stk; 75-150cc 4-Stk 
26Schoolboy Sr. (13-17) 91-200cc 2-Stk; 91-250cc 4-Stk; 4
  Production*201-400cc 4-Stk* 
27Schoolboy Jr. (12-15) 71-105cc 2-Stk; 75-150cc 4-Stk4
  Production*91-200cc 2-Stk*; 91-300cc 4-Stk* 
   12 yr old: 71-105cc 2-Stk; 75-150cc 4-Stk 
28Super Mini (12-15) 71-105cc 2-Stk; 75-150cc 4-Stk4
29125 (8-15)Production90-125cc 4-Stk4
30Schoolgirl (13-17) 91-200cc 2-Stk; 91-250cc 4-Stk4
  Production*201-400cc 4-Stk* 
   12 yr old: 71-105cc 2-Stk; 75-150cc 4-Stk 
31Girls (8-13)70-90cc 2-Stk; 4
  Production*125cc 4-Stk* 
3290 Open Sr. (12-15) 71-90cc 2-Stk; 125cc 4-Stk4
3390 Open Jr. (8-11) 71-90cc 2-Stk; 125cc 4-Stk4
3490 Automatic (8-13)Production71-90cc 2-Stk; 125cc 4-Stk; Automatic/CVT/Single Speed4
3590 Shifter Sr. (12-15) 71-90cc 2-Stk; 125cc 4-Stk; Shifter4
3690 Shifter Jr. (8-11) 71-90cc 2-Stk; 125cc 4-Stk; Shifter4
3770 Open (6-11) 51-70cc4
  Production*125cc 4-Stk* 
3870 Automatic (6-11)Production51-70cc; Automatic/CVT/Single Speed4
3970 Shifter (6-11) 51-70cc; Shifter4
  Production*125cc 4-Stk* 
4050 Open (4-8) 0-50cc4
4150 CVT (4-8)Production0-50cc; Belt-Drive4
4250 Automatic (4-6) 0-50cc; Automatic/CVT/Single Speed4

*Production Rule only applies to displacement designated.
**Laps are 'weather permitting'. Pro/Pro-Am reference is to time, then laps.

Red Denotes Changes for 2021