ATV Motocross

Rd 3 Echeconnee MX

Echeconnee MX - Lizella, GA

April 20, 2024 - April 21, 2024

Welcome to Echeconnee MX!  We are thankful you have chosen to attend our event. In order for it to be a safe, successful and enjoyable event for everyone there are rules each racer, their family, friends and pit crew must follow. Failure to comply with these rules may result in your disqualification and/or removal from the event. 

Emergency Communication System. In the unlikely event of a widespread emergency, please tune in to FM 90.1 for further information. 

Rules & Procedures 

  1. Facility Permits. Upon entering the property, all vehicles must stop at the front gate office for passes(wristbands, pit vehicle passes, dry camping passes and RV hookup passes). All adults must sign the liability release for themselves and their children. 
  2. Camping Areas. You may only park in a hookup site if you have a hookup permit. Do not use or take up space for more than one site. If your rig is too big for the site you chose, you will have to relocate. DO NOT SAVE SPOTS for friends. If you want to camp with friends, please meet them off-site and arrive together.  Finally, we realize accidents happen, but if you cause damage to any campsite, you will be held responsible for the cost of repair.
  3. Electric Service.  For the comfort of all our guests, please do not overload the electrical service. Our hookups are either 30-amp or 50-amp service. Do not plug a 30-amp rig into a 50-amp service. Likewise, do not overload a 30-amp service with a 50-amp rig by using multiple appliances at once. 
  4. Pit Vehicle Permits.  Pit Vehicles (mopeds, scooters, pit bikes, golf carts, mules, quads) may be used by PERMIT ONLY. Pit vehicle permits must be purchased at the front gate entrance. Pit vehicle permits must be visible on the pit vehicle at all times. Curfew for pit vehicles is 
  5. Pit Vehicle Operators/Speed Limit.  Operators must be at least 16 years old. The pit vehicle speed limit is 13 MPH. 
  6. Infield Access.  The racetrack infield is a restricted area. Only authorized personnel may have access to the infield. 
    Authorized personnel include:
    Officials, medics, track crew
    Sponsors and industry personnel 
    Credentialed Media
  7. Power Washers. Power washing at your campsite is permitted only if the washing does not interfere with your neighbors or create a mess. 
  8. No Campfires.  Due to a large number of guests, we do not allow campfires
  9. Fire Extinguishers. All motor homes/camping vehicles and pit rigs should have fully functioning fire extinguishers readily available in the event of an emergency. 
  10. Sanitation. Please be courteous and bag your trash and place it by the roadway for pickup. 
  11. Used Oil. Do Not dump pollutants in the pond. DO NOT dump oils, fuels, coolants or other waste materials on the ground. They must be disposed of properly. 
  12. Showers/Bathrooms.  Anyone causing damage or destruction to showers and/or bathrooms will be prosecuted. 
  13. Pet Policy. We allow friendly pets only. You are required to 1) pick up it’s business, 2) keep your pet tied up in your camping area or on a leash at all times, 3) keep your pet inside your camping vehicle at night, and 4) have proper ID and rabies vaccine tags. Pets that bark or bite or otherwise are cause for concern will be required to leave the event with their humans. Event staff has sole discretion on whether your pet can stay. 
  14. No Fireworks, Firearms, Water balloons, Water guns or Paintball Guns. The misuse of water guns or other toy paraphernalia to harass other guests will not be tolerated. Leave these things at home or risk expulsion from the event. 
  15. Pond. No swimming or boating is allowed. Fishing is permitted at your own risk. 
  16. Radio. The Radio Channel is FM 90.1  Tune in to stay informed of event activities. 
  17. Lost & Found. All items should be turned to the sign up/registration area at the event scoring tower. 
  18. Medic Station. Medics are located both on the track and in the Ambulance. If you need medical attention and you can not locate a medic, please let someone know at the scoring tower and they will radio the medics. 
  19. Hospital Directions. 

Atrium Health Navicent The Medical Center, Macon, GA:  (478)633-1000
777 Hemlock Street
Macon, GA 31201

Atrium Health Navicent Beverly Olson Children’s Hospital (478)633-8150
888 Pine Street
Macon, GA 31201