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Ironman ATVMX National Race Report

Ironman ATVMX National Race Report

Monday, May 13, 2024 | 10:50 AM
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Monday, May 13, 2024 | 10:50 AM


Ironman ATVMX National Race Report
Hetrick Goes 1-1 in Indiana

CRAWFORDSVILLE, Ind. (May 13, 2024) - Round four of the ATV Motocross National Championship Series (ATVMX), an AMA National Championship, headed north for the first time this season as Ironman Raceway hosted another incredible ATVMX event. Changes had been made as the fine tuning of the track continues to improve the venue for not only racers but for spectators and fans as well. With insane jumps that at first don’t appear to be jumps at all, allow incredible air that separates those who can from those who can’t all to the delight of fans who cheer nonstop as the riders put on an incredible show. 

Joel Hetrick went 1-1 at the Ironman ATVMX National.
Joel Hetrick went 1-1 at the Ironman ATVMX National. Ken Hill

Attention of course was once again placed squarely on the champion Joel Hetrick who has risen to the top tier of ATV racing legends and possibly will be known as the best of all time when he draws his career to a close. Hetrick has been on a rampage for many years as he dominates the win column and is fast padding the record books as no rider seems to be able to reel him in much less take the top spot away from him. A DNF or Joel Hetrick himself may take away a win but it doesn’t appear anyone else will be cutting his winning ways short in the foreseeable future. With fans and fellow competitors all knowing what we are all witnessing is history in the making as well as mad respect being given to an unstoppable Joel Hetrick as the venue filled up with everyone  anticipating another chapter of the Joel Hetrick show.

Disappoint doesn’t seem to be in Hetrick’s vocabulary because he lives to keep his fans and his fellow racers highly entertained as he takes the track and makes it his own. Laying down the fastest lap time is nothing new for Joel as he works the entire track looking for more here or a line that gives him just a bit of an advantage. Goal one met as he secured the fastest qualifier and looked to the first moto to set the tone for one hot set of motos here in Indiana. The gate was set as the final steps were underway as the opening ceremonies concluded.

Bryce Ford put up a battle in Indiana and would go 2-2.
Bryce Ford put up a battle in Indiana and would go 2-2. Ken Hill

The card girls were giving the riders the last 30 seconds before things went from nervous anticipation to adrenal filled insanity as the valley turned into a soundboard as the screaming exhaust notes rang out as the riders launched off the gate and headed for the first turn. Bryce Ford would be the moto one holes hit winner as Hetrick got a decent start but not one that catapulted him to the lead as the first turn was being chewed up and turned into a wall of roost. Ford was in clear air with open track as he led the field into the first lap of racing. Hetrick was already making moves and in short order was running in second as he eye’d the gap Ford had held. Had being the figurative word because in a flash, Hetrick unleashed a rush of speed that quickly had him shadowing Ford as the two sped away from the rest of the pack that was now spreading out and fighting for their own positions. 

Hetrick may have been toying with Ford or just watching his lines as this went on for a few laps as Ford looked like he had enough of a good thing going to keep Hetrick at bay. It was indeed exciting as the pair matched every turn and jump as if they were out there doing it for the sheer fun of it. At some point Hetrick decided he needed to lead and in a flash, put the brakes on any thoughts Ford had of leading as the number one plate of Hetrick now was out front and pulling away. To see how fast Hetrick is or to somehow gauge his speed is thrilling especially when you were already filled with nerves as the pair seemed to be at 110% go only to watch Hetrick pass and pull away! The gap opened as Hetrick strolled to the moto one win with Ford taking an honest second. Jeffrey Rastrelli was your third place finisher in the first moto and was looking more like the Rastrelli from a few seasons ago as he applied all kinds of speed to the Ironman dirt. 

Moto two would be a different animal as the gate dropped and Hetrick powered his way to the holeshot, the lead and the win. This moto wouldn’t see anything but a well-polished Hetrick doing exactly what he does best as he rode to his 61st pro win. The battle with Ford never had a chance to form although Bryce was looking incredible sharp and in a solid position to take another trip to the overall podium as he went 2-2. Brandon Hoag had a mechanical issue that saw him finish 9th in moto one but would rally back in the second moto to secure third however the first moto demons had ruined any chance he had at the final podium position if not more. Hoag was on fire in moto two and looked ready to do damage, but it wasn’t meant to be. The rider who did just what he needed to capture the final podium position was Max Lindquist. Lindquist would go 4-4 for third after an impressive ride in both motos and showed some fortitude when challenged. 

Max Lindquist would finish third overall on the day.
Max Lindquist would finish third overall on the day. Ken Hill

Rastrelli would slip in the second moto and leave Ironman with a 3-5 finish landing him just off the box. A solid performance although knowing Rastrelli, a frustrating day in his eyes. The top five would be closed with Brandon Hoag securing the position after going 9-3. Hoag has the talent, and he has showed the speed, now he just needs some luck to go his way and we may see some of the best racing this season if it develops.

The door is closed on Ironman as the series looks to the next round, which is fast approaching, Round 5 will be held at High Point raceway in Mount Morris Pennsylvania on May 18th & 19th. High Point is Joel Hetrick ground and as if beating him anywhere would be a miracle, the hardback clay and high speed track play right into his deck of cards. Anyone closing the hand on Hetrick on his home turf better have an ace up their sleeve if they want to win that hand!

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Joel Hetrick (center), Bryce Ford (left) and Max Lindquist (right) rounded out the top three Ironman ATVMX Nationals finishers in the AMA Pro class.
Joel Hetrick (center), Bryce Ford (left) and Max Lindquist (right) rounded out the top three Ironman ATVMX Nationals finishers in the AMA Pro class. Ken Hill

Ironman Results and Points Standings
Crawfordsville, Indiana
Round 4 of 10
Saturday, May 4, 2024

AMA Pro Class Event Results:

  1. Joel Hetrick (1-1)
  2. Bryce Ford (2-2)
  3. Max Lindquist (4-4)
  4. Jeffrey Rastrelli (3-5)
  5. Brandon Hoag (9-3)
  6. Kevin Saar (6-6)
  7. Mason Jackson (5-7)
  8. Joseph Chambers (7-8)
  9. Adam Ulrich (8-9)
  10. Cody Ford (10-10)

Overall National Championship Standings:

  1. Joel Hetrick (175)
  2. Bryce Ford (150)
  3. Brandon Hoag (136)
  4. Max Lindquist (114)
  5. Jeffrey Rastrelli (109)
  6. Nicholas Gennusa (91)
  7. Mason Jackson (90)
  8. Joseph Chambers (79)
  9. Kevin Saar (79)
  10. Westley Wolfe (73)

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