2018 ATVSX Classes

1.Pro350-450cc 4-StkCheck
2.Pro-Am91-265cc 2-Stk; 201-450cc 4-Stk
3.Open Pro Sport201cc-Open; Pro-Am/A
4.450 A91-265cc 2-Stk; 201-450cc 4-Stk
5.Production A201-450cc 4-StkCheck
6.Open B201-Open
7.450 B91-265cc 2-Stk; 201-450cc 4-Stk
8.Production B201-450cc 4-StkCheck
9.Open C201cc-Open
10.450 C91-265cc 2-Stk; 201-450cc 4-Stk
11.Production C201-450cc 4-StkCheck
12.College (16-24)201cc-Open
13.Junior 25+201cc-Open
14.Veteran 30+201cc-Open
15.Senior 40+201cc-Open
16.WMX201-450cc 4-Stk

Posted 11.20.17

**Due to time constraints, the Daytona ATVSX will only feature a limited number of national classes, all of which will be national points paying.