Pro Rider Medical

What is the coverage?

As AMA Pro Racing professionally licensed athletes, our ATV Motocross participants are covered by the AMA Pro Racing Personal Accident Insurance program. 

The program provides coverage of up to $50,000 in medical bills, and $10,000 in Death and Dismemberment. 

There is a deductible of $5,000. Participants are solely responsible for any unpaid balances. 

The coverage is secondary to a participant’s primary insurance, which is required in order to obtain an AMA Pro Racing Motocross license.

Who is covered?

The program provides coverage for AMA Pro Racing Motocross licensed riders.  The program does not apply to any participant not licensed by AMA Pro Racing.

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What do I do in the event of an injury?

All event injuries treated at The Medic Rig are documented.  Injured riders should report immediately to The Medic Rig on site at every event. Failure to report an injury could result in denial of a claim.  In the case of serious injury, where hospital transport is necessary, on-site medical staff will notify MX Sports. 

Upon request, medical staff will complete and issue an AMA Pro Racing Medical Order Form to a treated rider.  Riders should present the form to the hospital or follow-up medical care provider. 

How do I submit a claim?

All claims should be submitted to the rider’s primary insurance company first. 

A claim should be submitted under the AMA Pro Racing program only if, 1) payment from the primary provider has been made but an unpaid balance remains, or 2) a claim has been denied by the primary provider. 

In the event of either of the above, the rider may submit the claim to MX Sports Pro Racing for verification that the injury was sustained at an AMA Pro Racing Motocross event. 

Upon verification of injury, MX Sports will forward the claim to the insurance provider. 

Medical bills should be submitted immediately for prompt payment.

To submit claims to MX Sports Pro Racing, contact Kelly Kirby at [email protected] or call MX Sports Pro Racing at (304) 284.0084.

What if I have any questions?

For questions contact Roy Janson at [email protected].

Please contact:
Trendolyn Walters
Specialty Claims Adjuster
Motorsports Participant Accident
Safehold Special Risk, Inc.
Phone: 281.667.0707  | Fax: 610.362.8873
[email protected]